Occupy SD – Image Theatre for Wells Fargo Plaza

On a rainy, Saturday in November, a group of Occupy San Diego particpants began to develop an analytical  image to present in front of  the Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of Market and 1st Ave.  The image intends to portray the relationship of banks and corporations to the actual suffering of our people and the political structures that have enable them. Due to the rain we did not get a photo of the finished image and we did not march to Wells Fargo.  But the participants will meet again to complete the image and present it.  Below is a composite of the image.  Photos by Johnny Nguyen.

The image shows a “Too Big to Fail Bank” foreclosing on a couple of Home Owners. Behind the bank stands a Judge, Law Enforcement and The Government with their backs turned to the couple.  Money is being passed to The Judge and The Government is branded with the bank logos.  Next to The Home Owners is a Homeless Veteran with disabilities while The Unfeeling Public stands by talking on a cellphone.  In the final image, The Bank is also passing money to The Government and standing on the American Promise.  Behind the triumvirate of Judge, Law Enforcement and Government towers The 1%.

As we continue to develop the image to contain a complete analysis of the crisis, some more elements will be added. We must address some questions:

How did the Home Owners come to this situation?  Jobs outsourced?  Sub-prime loan? etc.
Why is the Government’s back turned to the situation?
Why is the public indifferent?

Perhaps these questions and more will lead to additional elements to further describe the situation.  It would also be useful to add placards with statistics and facts that increase our understanding.

When the image is presented in front of the Wells Fargo Bank, it will be springboard for dialogue with the public.  Is the image true?  On what part of the image can we focus our efforts to most effectively produce positive change?  What will that change look like? etc.

Below are some more images from the workshop.

Warming Up

Image Circle - "Occupy Movement"

Sculpting Practice



Image in Process


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