Living Sculpture for Wells Fargo

We returned enthusiastically on Saturday, November 17 to meet with the theatre participants and take our image to Wells Fargo.  During the previous week, however, the 24/7 encampment had been shut down and the atmosphere at Freedom Plaza was quite different.  Many of our original participants were not there and, in general, the mood was more sedate.  People were hanging out and hunkered down.  So we hunkered down also. Slowly over several hours, Eva David recruited enough new people to recreate the sculpture.  We did not try to hold a workshop or use any of our techniques.  Our goal was to build the sculpture and take it to Wells Fargo.

By 3:00 PM we had our living sculpture build.  We announced over the people’s mic that we would march to Wells Fargo and present the image there.  Only a few folks joined us in the march.  We arrived at Wells Fargo, and built our sculpture in front of the existing bronze nudes that grace the entrance to the building.  I started to interrogate the sculpture with the few folks that followed us.  I asked if the image was true and one person said yes.  I missed an opportunity to go further with the interrogation, but for some reason I backed off.   We had some interactions with passing cars, but, by this time bank was closed and there was no foot traffic.

Our plan is to find a better time, when the bank is open and try again.  This was a good practice session for a future event.  Many lessons learned.

Below are some photos by Nic Paget-Clarke and me.


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