The Story

Put The Community In Community College

Since coming to Palomar in 1995, I’ve noticed the paradox that our sprawling community college often lacked a sense of community. It is my passionate belief that The Performing Arts provide a unique forum for building community by bringing people together for a shared experience that opens hearts, minds and eyes. Over the years I have initiated several collaborations to explore those possibilities. The momentum has been building as the community has appreciated these projects and the technology to connect large numbers of people in dialogue has developed. The Performing Hearts Project brings all these efforts together into a multilayered collaboration on the internet, in classrooms across our campus, the community at large and in the intimate setting of our performance venues.

The beauty of the project is that it creates opportunities for participation in many levels and scales. Anyone can create a project that relates to our theme. It might be a classroom project that involves only a handful of students. It might involve one person standing on a street corner with a sign. It might be ambitious enough to engage a wide range of students, faculty, staff. community members, classes, committees etc. Make your project. Post pictures, videos or other documentation here on the blog. Get you participants to post comments and dialogue here on the blog.

Let’s put the community in community college.

-Michael Mufson, Professor of Theatre-

Add Your Event to the Project

Send us an email at and we will add a page for people to comment on your event. Please include the title, description, date(s), contact information etc. for your event.  You may also contribute your own posts by setting up a free WordPress account and sending us the email address you associated with your account.



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