Performing Arts Department Projects

This page will contain information on the Palomar Performing Arts Department’s events that relate to this project.

September 30- October 9
WET Or, Isabella The Pirate Queen Enters The Horse Latitudes
by Liz Duffy Adams
In the aftermath of a great sea battle, a small band of female pirates commandeers the last remaining war ship and sets sail for the mythical paradise of El Mirago with the hope of creating a new civilization. Swashbuckling, romantic and philosophical, this tale charts new courses into the hearts of love and justice. (Mild sexual content and language.)

Directed by Michael Mufson
Fridays, Saturdays 8pm; Sundays, 2pm; Thursday, 4pm
Performing Arts Courtyard, Palomar College, San Marcos Campus
$12 General, $10 Seniors and Staff, $8 Students


2 thoughts on “Performing Arts Department Projects

  1. So far Madelyn Byrne is planning to create an event with her Electronic Music Ensemble and Moly Faulkner will create a project with her Improvisational Dance Class.

  2. Great story great play! I just finished watching this and I am inspired. It had a very oceanic feel with a bit of musk….perfect for october:)

    I give it a thumbs up.

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