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If you want to know the true values of the District, start reading the budget.  Palomar’s values statement uses words like “equity” and “fairness”, however the budget decisions made by executive administrators and trustees speak more of greed and callousness.

Last Friday, the District informed the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF) that it is going to withdraw health benefits for 38 part-time instructors.  The District claims that they cannot afford to contribute the additional $40,000 needed to maintain medical insurance for these people.  This is such a paltry sum to be putting 38 people at risk.  Apparently, what’s not a priority for the District is providing a basic safety net of medical insurance for the people who teach our students.

In the last two weeks, executive administrators have warned constituent groups of drastic cuts to the budget.  The District’s position against the part-time faculty members indicates their willingness to act aggressively…

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