Suggest Plays Here

Use this thread to post suggestions for specific plays or particular themes and situations you would like to see in the theatre.

For General Suggestions: Tell us what you would like to experience in the theatre. Perhaps you are most interested in lesbian plays, which tend to get far less attention than gay male plays. Are you interested in the experiences of people coming out to friends and families. Maybe gender bending is your thing. You might be interested in a documentary style theatre like The Laramie Project that uses a real incident as the focal point of the story telling. These are just a few examples of the type of comment we are hoping for.

For Specific Plays: Please include the title and the author. Feel free to add more information such as a description of the story and characters, why you would like to see us perform this play, where we can find it etc.


  • Use this blog to offer suggestions of plays by October 20(Click here Suggest Plays)
  • October 20 – the theatre faculty select approximately 5 plays to choose from and post descriptions on the blog (Click here to view and Comment on our finalists.)
  • October 27 -November 11 – Community Engagement
    • Classes commit some amount of time to discussing the 5 plays
    • Faculty encourage students to comment on the plays and read other’s comments
    • All palomar employees are encouraged to comment
    • Community members are encouraged to comment
  • November 11 -18 – everyone can vote for the play of their choice between .(Click here to vote.)
  • We will perform the play in April of 2012

By early October, the theatre faculty will post our selection of approximately 5 plays for the community to vote on.


15 thoughts on “Suggest Plays Here

  1. I’ll take a look at the usual sources. Thanks so much for your interest. Please let other folk know about the project and encourage them to make suggestions.

  2. Play suggestion: “Some Men” by Terrence McNally. Notes from Wikipedia:

    Some Men is a 2006 play by Terrence McNally, consisting of an interwoven series of stories which chronicle and contrast the lives and attitudes of gay men in the United States over the past 80 years. The play begins and ends with a contemporary gay wedding, relating interconnecting stories of generations of gay men in New York City.

  3. I still think “Kiss of the Spider Woman” would have enough of an ensemble to make a great production with an informed
    adaptation. You have jailers, wardens, etc.

    Wet was a very playful production. Some words were OK and others not so much. How do you ever distinguish that fine line?

    • These are great suggestions. I don’t know if we have the resources to do a musical right now due to budget cuts and the fact that we are in a temporary theatre space while our theatre is undergoing a renovation project. But we will look into it.

  4. Another suggestion:
    Box 27 by Michael Norman Mann

    This is a play that addresses the ever present issue of one’s life choice and the quest for self respect and integrity. The play centers around a career Master Sargent in the United States Marine Corps, his long time friend, and his friend’s son who is his lover. The entire play takes place at an all night poker game being held in the back room of a local bar and coffee house.

    The play opens with the closing hands of the poker game. Stephen, the son of a retired Colonel, Sargent Howard Kurtis, and two non commissioned Marines are wrapping up the game when tensions become evident. The two non commissioned officers leave. Left alone on stage, Stephen and Howard resume a long running argument about their life style as gay men serving in the Marine Corps. Stephen, a young Lieutenant has decided to come out of the closet and declare his sexual orientation. Howard pleads for him to change his mind.

    Before they can resolve this argument, the two non commissioned officers return with Sargent Wiggs, a retired black veteran, Maggie the owner of the establishment, and Stephen’s father, the Colonel. The Colonel and Howard are long time friends, dating back to the war in Vietnam. The poker game resumes with the tensions continuing to grow. Finally, after several comments about homosexuals and the service, Stephen admits to the room that he is homosexual.

    The second act continues with these events unfolding. The Colonel disowns his son telling him that he is a liar and traitor. After tempers and shock of this confession pass, the Colonel decides that Stephen is still his son, but that he can not stay in the Marines. In light of this event, the relation between Howard and Stephen comes to an end. In later moments, the Colonel and Howard are alone. The Colonel confronts Howard to own up to whatever information he knows about Stephen. Howard conceals his relationship with his friend’s son. The Colonel tells that he over heard a conversation between Stephen and Howard that lead him to believe that Howard was lying about his involvement. Howard is now forced to make a decision between giving his friend the truth or sticking to his falsehood. Howard decides to continue lying.

    For more information:

  5. One more:

    Now She Dances! by Doric Wilson

    4 men, 3 women

    Characters from “The Importance of Being Earnest” act out “Salome,” in a nightmare metaphor of the trial of Oscar Wilde; a subtle scrutiny of homophobia.

    • This looks like a very interesting possibility. I’ve been searching the internet for information about attaining the rights and getting the script. Do you have any information?

  6. My idea is to produce the play “Looking for Normal” by Jane Anderson. She and the actors Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lang won many awards a few years ago for the Teleplay of her stage play. That was called simply “Normal” It is a story of a 25 year old marriage that comes to a point where the husband declares that he wants to become a woman, and the effect it has on his wife and family. I have never seen the productions of it, and would be more than interested to see you produce this play at Palomar.

    The last I read, Jane Anderson was living in LA, so she should be easily reachable.

    Bill Powell

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